Publications Equipe 1

  1. N.Nedjah, A.Mizi, D.Daas, N.Laskri and M.Baccouche “ Urban wastewater phosphorus removal; Mixed treatment” Pollution Research. 35(2): 19-24 (2016)
  2.   N.Laskri, A.Mizi, D.Daas, N.Nedjah and M.Baccouche “ Biogas production from the anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosics wastes” Pollution research. 35(2): 37-42 (2016)
  3.  Youcef Faci and Mostefa Baccouche “an experimental analysis of fracture mechanisms by acoustic emission of woven composite bolted assembly” Rev. Sci.Technol., Synthèse 32:60-85 (2016)
  4. Hemza Kheribot,Ouannassa Guellzti, Aicha Harrat, Hiba Kennaz, Julien Dangbegnon, ,Ncholu Manyala, Mostefa Baccouche, Mohammed Guerioun, “Hydrothermal synthesis ans characterization of zinc oxide nanostructures and their electrochemical performance” 2016 (submitted for publication in the ISI high impact factor scientific journals)
  5.  Kennaz H., Harat A., Guellatti O., Baccouche M. and Guerioun M “ Electrochemical capacitive behavior of carbon based and /or MWNTs-MFe2O4 nanocomposites” 2016 (submitted for publication in the ISI high impact factor scientific journals)
  6. Deformation behavior of a Nb-Ti-V microalloyed steel to achieve the HSLA X80 grade by simulation with a torsion test and pilot hot rolling mill. D.Berdjane, M.L. Fares, M. BACCOUCHE and A.N. Lemmoui. International Journal of Metallurgy, V109, issue 06. 15 October 2012
  7. A. ROULA &M. BACCOUCHE: Ranking the carbidizing ability of transition metals (TMs) in Fe-C alloys. Appl.Sci. Sharjah Univ.; United Arab Emirates V4; N°1; 2007; pp. 1-17 N° ISSN1811-1645

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